Film Adhesives

HexBond® Adhesives

Hexcel manufactures a wide range of film adhesives, foaming films, primers and liquid shims for metal-to-metal and composite bonding.

HexBond® Film Adhesives, Foaming Films, Primers and Liquid Shims

Hexcel formulates and manufactures a comprehensive range of structural film adhesives, foaming adhesive films, paste adhesives, liquid shims and primers for aerospace and industrial markets.

HexBond® Film Adhesives

Epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI) adhesives are supplied in film form on a roll and require heat and pressure to cure. These high performance structural adhesives are ideal for metal to metal and composite bonding and for the manufacture of honeycomb sandwich structures.

HexBond® Foaming Adhesive Films

When cured at elevated temperature these films expand, making them ideal for gap filling, honeycomb core edge bonding and core splicing. HexBond foaming adhesive films are supplied in sheet form and are designed to be used in conjunction with HexBond Film Adhesives.

HexBond® Primers

Each HexBond primer has been formulated to ensure the maximum possible performance is achieved from the corresponding HexBond film adhesive. HexBond primers protect pretreated metal surfaces prior to bonding and ensure maximum bond durability. All HexBond primers are free of chromium compounds.

HexBond® Shimming Adhesives

These are two-part epoxy adhesives which can be cured either at room temperature or elevated temperature to achieve higher levels of mechanical performance.

HexBond® Paste Adhesives

A range of one and two component epoxy and BMI adhesives which can be used for bonding, potting, and filling composite and metallic structures. These products are supplied in a variety of different package forms including cartridges and small containers.

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