Advanced Interference Control Materials

ARC Technologies offers a variety of advanced interference control materials

ARC Advanced MaterialsThe advanced materials department at ARC Technologies, a Hexcel company, specializes in blending absorptive fillers into various liquid thermoset resins such as silicones, urethanes, epoxies, and fluorosilicones. These formulas are the foundation for a variety of finished products and can be engineered to meet your exact electrical and mechanical requirements.

ARC Technologies also offers multiple-form factors to meet your application specifications.­­­ through the utilization of spray systems using ARC developed or customer specified materials, absorptive coatings as well as rain erosion materials. ARC is also able to cast and injection mold finished parts in many different configurations. Employing the use of customized tooling we are able to produce a wide variety of parts, from flat sheets to the parts with complex geometries.

ARC has a multi-head blade coating line to provide a wide variety of product solutions. Our Knife over roll casting system coats to a 28” wide web, with multiple digitally controlled heads, 2-4 zones and 40’ ovens, multiple in line feeds and 130’ line length. We also provide flight qualified caulk & packaging systems capable of accepting various filler types. ARC will custom-formulate alternative systems based on specific customer requirements. ARC can produce absorptive, conductive and impedance match materials, provided in a custom engineered dispensing system.

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