Dielectric Absorber Honeycomb

Dielectric Absorber HoneycombA lightweight core material that is constructed with hexagonal cells. It can be tuned to operate at various frequencies over a broad spectrum. The electrical performance can be maximized for insertion/transmission or reflection loss. Honeycomb absorbers are fabricated from a range of materials including phenolic, high-temperature aramid and fiberglass.

Product Overview
Designed to enhance antenna performance
Ultra lightweight yet mechanically durable
Superior electrical performance
Machined to complex 3D configurations

Why Honeycomb is Effective
With our proprietary lossy formulation and loading technique we can tailor honeycomb to offer maximized performance from low to high frequencies. With the construction, configuration and cell structure it offers outstanding reflection, insertion / transmission loss.

When to Use:

  • When structural integrity is critical
  • Material weight is a concern
  • High power handling applications
  • Convective cooling is required
  • Broadband performance
  • Frequency Range: 500MHz to 40GHz
  • Temperature Range: -70°F to +350°F (-56°C to +177°C)
  • Size Range: Can be machined to complex custom configurations or in sheet form per customer specifications.
  • Also available in various cell sizes .187″ and .250″ are most common.


  • Antenna Cavity Inserts
  • Enhance Antenna Performance
  • RAS (Radar Absorbing Structure)
  • Reduced Side Lobe Reflection
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