Lossy Rigid Foam

Lossy Rigid Foam

Ideal for suppression of electromagnetic energy. Easily cut, wrapped and applied

The Lossy Rigid Foam (Rigid LS) product is an RF absorber ideal for machined cuts. With its low density, high loss, carbon impregnated open cell foam; it is available in a range of thicknesses with various carbon loadings. The carbon loadings allow it to be effective over a broad range of frequencies typically providing a 5 dB loss or more. This product is halogen free, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Product Overview
The LS series is an open cell foam with carbon loadings. It is available in sheet form, has low density, is light weight and can be custom carbon loaded to meet high or low loss requirements. It is effective mainly for far field requirements. This product is typically used in a multi-layer form taking advantage of the layering of various carbon loadings. LS foam is ideal for suppression of electromagnetic energy. Placement in a cavity will reduce multiple reflections, which result in improved performance.  Product provides broadband absorption from 500MHz to 40GHz.  This RF absorber can be machined to customer specification with a variety of angles and cuts.

Why LS is effective
The LS material is an effective RF absorber due to its open cell foam construction with its ability to retain various carbon loadings to absorb the EMI. It is a relatively low cost, which is easily handled. The open cell foam can be machined for outdoor applications. The higher the frequencies the more loss will result in the material due to the shorter wave length and the thickness of the foam.

When to Use

  • Crosstalk reduction
  • Antenna shrouding
  • Shadowing parts for RCS Measurements
  • Shadowing components of anechoic chambers
  • Used in ML format typically. It is good in a broad range application.
  • Elastomer coatings can be added to resistance against:
    • Jet fuel
    • Hydrolic fuel
    • Gasoline
    • Water
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