HexPly® SuperFIT®

SuperFIT® prepregs are glass and carbon fiber reinforcements that have been partially impregnated with epoxy resin. This partial impregnation leaves them with one tacky face and one dry face for easier handling. SuperFIT® prepregs are processed by applying heat and vacuum, which activates the resin, enabling it to flow and fully infuse the reinforcement. SuperFIT® prepregs provide a quick and cost-effective way of producing large, thick laminates. 

Advantages of SuperFIT®
  • The high resin content of the tacky face provides easy positioning of the materials in the mold and holds the plies together
  • The dry face facilitates repositioning of plies, especially beneficial in large structures
  • Facilitates the draining of air or volatiles inside the laminate
  • Minimizes voids
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard prepregs Improves hygiene and safety through a reduction or elimination of direct contact with resin

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